Kakuma General Hospital, Kakuma Camp

Kakuma General Hospital, Kakuma Camp

The Kakuma General Hospital provides primary health care to the Kakuma Refugee Camp as well as the host community.  It ts operated by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and has a bed capacity of 180. 

One of the hospital’s core facilities is Obstetrics and Newborn care which includes the maternal and child health program.  This program provides 24 hour delivery services and manages up to 12 deliveries every 24 hours.

BTB has a strategic partnership with the International Rescue Committee to ensure the funds raised support the most important health needs.  An example of this the delivery of two incubators to the hospital in early 2017.  Until this time, the hospital had existed without an incubator - all while delivering 400 births each week. These incubators now help support the survival and growth of premature and low birth weight neonates.   

We continue to work closely with the IRC to determine needs and is currently working on a wish list for the provision of hospital equipment, to be donated by The Royal Royal Adelaide.