Distributing reusable sanitary pads to young women in refugee camps

While the Barefoot team was visiting Kakuma in 2014, young women and girls expressed their need for sanitary goods to enable them to go to school and play sport.  Through careful research and consultation with public health institutes, we have since partnered with AFRIpads Ltd, a social enterprise in Uganda that specialises in the local manufacture and supply of reusable sanitary kits.    AFRIpads works with local humanitarian organisations in the region with jurisdiction to operate in the refugee camps to facilitate the distribution of the sanitary pads. 

In June 2017, BTB delivered over 1200 reuseable sanitary kits to Kakuma Refugee Camp to women and girls in schools and community areas. For 12 months, over 1200 women and girls will be able to live a comfortable and dignified life, enabling them to go to school and play sport. 

A core component of the distribution of AFRIpads is the coupling of education.  AFRIpads shares with all women and girls who receive a kit, an online portal which provides information on reproductive health and sanitation.

Our partner in Kakuma Camp for the distribution of the kits, is the Lutheran World Federation. Implementation is carried out through the LWF school programs.